Weekend Plans: Sept 5-8


Thursday, Sept 5
– Gotta do some groceries, my poor little fridge is so empty inside
– Fitness dance class @ 7PM
– Read “Brave New World”
– Prepare lunch for tomorrow 🙂

Friday, Sept 6
– I gets paid today! YAYYYYY

– Dinner with family
– Hair/Nail fix
(Too broke after the Savannah trip to go out sooooo I’m gonna stay in and prob watch some Mad Men or study some HTML from www.w3schools.com or Code Academy)

Saturday, Sept 7
– Get up at 7AM
– 2 mile run
– UM Watch party
– Personal training study
– House cleaning/organizing (Minimalist Plan)

Sunday, Sept 8
– Get up at 7AM
– Morning workout @SoBeKick
– Study/Work at B&N (Personal training study – start Notebook and Fitness Binder)
– Use Groupon at burger place for Lunch (om nom nom bacon in mah mouf)
– House cleaning/organizing (Minimalist Plan)


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